Biocaffè Martella

80 % Arabica 20% Robusta

From organic cultivation

Blend of selected high quality organic coffee,  exclusively from  special lots of organic farming in  Honduras, Nicaragua and Tanzania.

Honduras Arabica SHG Bio & Fairtrade comes from Cocafcal  and Cosagual cooperatives , in the mountains  of Western country. Thanks to a temperate climate and by using only the labor intensive techniques of organic farming, members fertilize their farms with compost and fight against plant pests and disease with natural methods. Final result: balanced cup, good body, medium acidity , sweetness and chocolate taste with citric notes.

Nicaragua San Juan Rio Coco Bio is harvested from November to March in small plantations in the shade in Madriz region. Managed by a cooperative of farmers and their families, these particular lots  producing a coffee from medium sized grains, naturally fermented and washed through ancient techniques, respecting the environment and the families who work there.

The Tanzania KDCU comes from the North-West of Tanzania and is an organic and fair coffee growing in an altitude of 1500-1800 m in mixed culture into banana plants. It is hand-harvested from June to September.

The careful selection and the artisan method  through which this blend  is roasted, guarantee the highest quality and give to this unique and fine organic blend an unmistakable sweet and delicate taste.

A genuine coffee that brings in your cup the original flavor of the bean, washed and fermented naturally.

Certified organic chain – quality- sustainability
Caffè Martella guarantees and promotes all over the world quality, craftsmanship and sustainability of territories and people.


Produced and packaged by:
Caffè Martella Srl – operator n°IT BIO 006 G2569 –
Via Cesare Colizza , 28
00047 Marino (Rome)