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The secret of our blends?

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The classification of  a blend of coffee based solely upon its Arabica percentage is really limiting. In fact, we often make the mistake of appreciating a blend just because the label reads “100% Arabica”, without knowing that there are infinite varieties, sometimes even poor quality ones, for instance with a too acidic degree.
At Caffè Martella, we pride ourselves on selecting various types of coffee that must be then combined together in the right proportions in order to reach an equilibrium, enhance their features and complement each other’s characteristics.
Our artisanal production requires us to pay special attention to the product, to respect precise times before and after toasting, so that coffee is able to lose gas without losing its aromatic substances. Slow toasting is indeed one of the secrets that makes Caffè Martella unique, unlike many new methods that, due to modern  technologies, are capable of toasting in just a few minutes, saving a lot of time and increasing production. That is why our roasting machine, a fruit of our decennial experience and custom made to meet our needs, has been built in around a year and a half, entirely by hand, in order satisfy our requirements. But today, just like yesterday, our success is the result of a series of factors that lead us to thoroughly check every little step of production and every component we rely on, without overlooking a single detail. The machine, made in Italy, has a cast-iron rotating drum, entirely lined with heath-refractory bricks and, as we mentioned earlier, is a unique piece, since it’s been modified to suit our needs. It is highly robust and reliable, so it can withstand long period of continued work. Toasting takes place via indirect heat, that is via convection, thanks to the double wall of the cooking cylinder; this ensures an absolute homogeneity in the final product.
Cooking times are rigorously and personally checked by the family members, Giancarlo the dad, David and Cristian, his successors. Everything takes place within a few minutes, everyone has their job and there’s no room for distractions. Toasted coffee is rapidly cooled down with a stream of air, in order to stop the cooking process at the desired  level of toasting.  Once cooled, coffee is left to rest until the packaging process begins.
The last step, packaging, must take place in such a way that won’t expose coffee to air for too long, and especially it must not take place in a humid ambient, otherwise coffee would deteriorate all of its organoleptic characteristics.  The proper packaging process for storing coffee, whether it’s ground or in beans, is made using packets with unidirectional valves that allow beans to release gas without letting air in. Grounded coffee just needs a vacuum-sealed package.
Surely, our processes are long can’t be derogated, in order to always offer a high quality product, a denominator for each of our three wisely-crafted blends, able to satisfy the needs of every palate.