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The Company

Azeglio Martella was born in Marino, a small town near Rome, in 1895.
Thanks to his passion and his commercial talent, in the early 1940s, he
opened a grocery store that soon would have evolved in a cafeteria.
Despite the initial success, Azeglio was relentlessly looking for more and
better, he wanted the best for his customers and decided to produce,
on his own and in his own way, the coffee he offered for sale. Thus Cafè
Martella Company was born!

Azeglio nephews, David and Cristian, have nowadays transformed it,
with a spirit of innovation and tireless enthusiasm, into an international
player. Today everything is different, but formulas that drive the
production are still the simple and magical ones created by Azeglio.
They still provide an espresso that is appreciated and sought after by
passionate customers all over the world.

Our Coffee

Everyone that pays attention to the details will immediately recognize the perfect morphology of our coffee beans. The connoisseur will appreciate the quality of the roasting and the balance of our blends. 

The espresso sommelier will emphasize it aroma and creaminess.. but our greatest reward are the thousands cups that, every day, in Italy and abroad, are filled with our espresso. Every time they ensure a unique flavour…

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The variety and the quality of our
blends will welcome your quests and
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Caffè Martella

Via Garibaldi, 1

00047 Marino (Roma) Italy

Open from Monday to Friday

9:00 – 17:00


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