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A family in love with coffee. The story of Caffè Martella could be summed up with these words and, as often happens, when a good story is told, there is always a grandfather at the beginning. A grandfather led by an idea and by the will to make it happen. Azeglio Martella was born in Marino, a small town near Rome, in 1895. He was a restless and imaginative character and after several experiences and having survived two world wars, at the beginning of the 1940s, he opened a grocery store selling also coffee in the surroundings of Rome.



The international airport of Rome and ... a dream bound to become true.

Freewheeling mind, always ready to joke with the customers and always looking for more to offer to them, Azeglio studies in depth the coffee business. He wants to be a leader and, in 1950. he opens his first bar He chooses to open it in Ciampino, a town on the outskirts of Rome that hosted the then only international airport of Rome. People arriving and leaving from Italy and from all over the world transformed Ciampino in a mutticultural center that represented an enormous stimulus for Azeglio and for his desire to create a new different product, capable of being appreciated by everyone.

This is the reason why the first machine is installed in the bar backroom in order to experiment new blends and to roast the coffee. He does not know it yet. But he has just founded its roasting company. The success is immediate. The bar is located in the center of Ciampino and soon becomes the center of Ciampino itself.


Azeglio’s imprinting expands to the whole family, children and grandchildren collect his legacy and transform the original roasting into a company that produces and distributes coffee first in Italy, then all over the world. The original spirit and character are still there. The enthusiasm for innovation and the search of quality are the highlights.

The familiar approach to the business provides sympathy and service to all customers. The informal approach is very much appreciated and valued and becomes the strength of the company.




Over one hundred roasters competed in 2008 for the title of best-imported coffee in Germany. The prize, sponsored by SCAE. directed by Dr. Steffen Schwarz, goes to Maximum Class blend, Caffè Martellas flagship. That’s the full recognition of a qualitative professional path started 70 years earlier.


Fair trade and environment friendly attitude are not for us just empty marketing catch phrases, but facts. 2016 BIO Caffe blend is born. This project, which has been studied for more than a year, aims to make the entire supply chain transparent, to track every single step and to be effective and supportive. The blend has been created to prove that “Bio” can assure the greatestquality. A special espresso is special under every respect.




It sounds like the obvious conclusion of a long journey. We can proudly say that from this year the entire production relies on 100% renewable energy sources, as per Garanzia d’Origine G.O, that confirms the environmental sustainability of our plant, that is compliant with EU/2009/28 and with Energy Authority ARG/ett 1004/ta, it follows Carbon Sink protocol, as per international certification Gold Standard.

Green is not just the color of a label, but it is a daily approach to life.

we just need warm water, nothing else

Can espresso exist without caffeine? What is apparently a contradiction has turned into the last challenge! We wanted to ensure a personal touch and a new flavour to a kind of coffee so far overlooked, as it were the child of lesser God. Thanks to an exclusive and patented method, we have eliminated every chemical element in the decaffeination process by relying exclusively on a series of *washes” of the coffee with heated water. A harmless healthy process that reduces the presence of caffeine close to zero.


"caffè martella"

Our espresso is always the same, fantastic and unique. We provide top assortment and top services. Meanwhile the company has become a certified company with zero environmental impact. We use renewable resources only and we have eliminated all plastic accessories, which have been replaced by wood, glass and certified compostable products. Fair trade protects the environment and the farmers. Caffè Martella means respect for the environment and solidarity for all participants in the supply chain, especially for those who are weaker.

Many things have changed since Azeglio opened his first bar, but we still are artisan that every day, with passion, dedicate ourselves to create an unrivaled product. Reliability, transparency and long-term business relationship are our brand.

our new headquarter

Marcantonio Colonna …  cloister nuns …

What will the winner of the 1571 Battle of Lepanto ever have in common with a cloistered convent dedicated to Saint Dominic built in 1600 and a roasting company of the 3rd millennium? Isabella Colonna of the noble Roman family Colonna was a direct descendant of Marcantonio, and with the help of Clement X and her brother Onofrio started the construction of the monastery.

A part of the Convent has become, since 2018, the representative office and houses some offices of Caffè Martella. For all our guests, a visit to the church and to a part of the building (the convent is still partially inhabited by cloistered nuns) have now become a must. Tasting our coffee in the terrace, overlooking the beauty of Rome, is something magic.

Head Office

via Cesare Colizza, 28


Showroom e logistics

via Garibaldi,1


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David Martella
David Martella
Management, Development and Business Strategies
Cristian Martella
Cristian Martella
Administration Area
warehouse and production manager
foreign business relationship
Cristian Martella
logistics manager
customer service devolopment for foreign business

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